About Connectorcoin


Connector Coin was founded in February 2022 by The Super Connector & The Crypto Plug for the purpose of ensuring legitimate connections between celebrities; artists and their communities. To prove the benefits of web3 for security, provenance and real personal value. The overall purpose is to ensure that all NFTs and experiences are validated and the process of accessing these resources is as simple as any other online shopping experience. Our platform will allow creators to launch their own collections where the public can buy their NFTs as simply as purchasing for an online shopping service.


Token Name

Connector Coin

Total supply

1 billion











Our mission is to make creating, consuming and accessing web3 assets and services as simple as possible, to deliver this we will be ensuring our marketplace and launch pad are accessible through similar means to everyday online shopping experiences.


Super Connector and Ryan the Crypto Plug the founders of Connector Coin are experts in marketing. Having worked on many projects in the social media, influencer and Crypto spaces they will bring their whole network of contacts and years of experience to this project.

Anti Whales

Anti manipulation features to prevent
pump-and-dump whale accounts from
controlling the chart


Phase 1

Team formation
Draft of whitepaper
Website launch
Contract security checks
Contract launch

Phase 2

Design and test NFT market place
Design and test token launchpad for the Binance Smart Chain

Phase 3

Launch the NFT market place
Launch token launchpad for the Binance Smart Chain

How to buy Connector Coin

Download & Setup Metamask or Trust Wallet

Buy and Send BNB to Metamask or Trust Wallet


Buy And Hold Connector coin


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.